Better Get Ordering! Here’s the Deadlines to Get Your Gifts by Christmas

Everyone shops online now a days. I do it. In fact, I just counted and I’ve made 36 orders on Amazon this year. That’s nearly an order per week. As such, if you want to order your Christmas gifts online, you’ll need to make sure you order by these deadlines so you can get your gifts in time!

Amazon – December 18

Apple – December 21

Banana Republic – December 18 (can be as late as Dec 21 but $$$)

Coach – December 18

Dick’s Sporting Goods – December 18 (again, can be later but costs you more)

GameStop – December 19

J.C. Penney – December 18

Kohl’s – December 18

Sephora – December 20

Target – December 20

So basically you better get off your ass and get your Christmas shopping done…like now…if you want to get your gifts in time without having to break the bank in one-day shipping.

You can see a larger more robust list here.

Image via Pexels

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